近日,美国匹兹堡大学科学家在国际著名学术期刊Cell Stem Cell发表论文,他们通过病毒载体表达Pdx1和MafA,成功地在体内将胰岛α细胞转化为β细胞,从而延缓I型糖尿病的发生。

文章摘要:Successful strategies for treating type 1 diabetes need to restore the function of pancreatic beta cells that are destroyed by the immune system and overcome further destruction of insulin-producing cells. Here, we infused adeno-associated virus carrying Pdx1 and MafA expression cassettes through the pancreatic duct to reprogram alpha cells into functional beta cells and normalized blood glucose in both beta cell-toxin-induced diabetic mice and in autoimmune non-obese diabetic (NOD) mice. The euglycemia in toxin-induced diabetic mice and new insulin+ cells persisted in the autoimmune NOD mice for 4 months prior to reestablishment of autoimmune diabetes. This gene therapy strategy also induced alpha to beta cell conversion in toxin-treated human islets, which restored blood glucose levels in NOD/SCID mice upon transplantation. Hence, this strategy could represent a new therapeutic approach, perhaps complemented by immunosuppression, to bolster endogenous insulin production. Our study thus provides a potential basis for further investigation in human type 1 diabetes.